Squirrels Health Food

Squirrels Health Food Shop in Burnham High Street is one of the few indepedent health food shops left in the area. Burnham is a pituresque village situated between Slough and Maidenhead and literally on the border of Buckinghamshire  and Berkshire.

It has been trading for over 25 years but came under new ownership in March 2008. Caron Wallace, the new owner, used to be a regular customer of Squirrels back in the eighties and preventative health has always been her passion due to personal experience as to how the right diet, nutrition and supplementation can greatly help to tackle major diesease.

Caron’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 14 and as soon as she was old enough to understand she looked at ways of building up her mother’s immune system to tackle the disease.

A visit to Bristol Cancer Clinic in 1985 confirmed her beliefs that the right nutrition and a positive attitude can greatly help in the fight against disease. Her mother was living proof of how effective this could be. Wide range of health products

Caron bought the shop to follow her passion and to help others realise that they can help themselves.

With access to over 20,000 products in the health sector Squirrels prides itself with being able to source a wide variety of products in addition to what they hold in stock.

Squirrels has a wide range of products stocked at the shop which include brand names such as Solgar, Quest, Nature’s Aid, Eskimo, Moo Goo,  Comvita, Bio Health, Vogel or Biocare, Nelsons, Bach Flower remedies, Cherry Active, Lemon Detox, Allicin, Floradix, Higher Nature, Udos Oils, Absolute Aromas, Alva, Hopes Relief, Australian Tea Tree, Allergenics, Weleda, Dead Sea Magik, Green People,  Sambucol, Natracare, Nanny Care Goat’s milk, Youngs Home Faith in Nature, Ecover and the leading manufacuter’s in a raw food for dogs, Natural Instincts to mention but a few.

They also stock Ecover refills so that customers can re-use their containers.

Solgar supplements
Caron believes in quality and stocks a wide range of Solgar supplements which is well known to be a high quality supplement with extensive scientific back up and technical support. Solgar is renowned to be innovative in the independent market. Where Solgar leads, others tend to follow. Squirrels also stocks a range of special offers as and when they are offered to the shop and often have products such as Glucosamine, Cod Liver oil and Evening Primrose oil at half price. Squirrels prides itself with being totally independent. Whereas many chains have to stock their own branded products, Caron can cherry pick amongs a vast array of suppliers and choose only the products she believes are effective. She is interested only in results. If a product is ineffective it will not appear on Squirrels’ shelves.


In 2014 Squirrels changed its name to ‘Natural Health Shop’ to reflect what they do.


Squirrels also offers in house allergy/food intolerance testing, a weekly chiropodist and a colour therapist and Reiki sessions.


Opening times are: Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.30pm, Saturday 9.00am to 5pm.

Squirrels Health Food Shop,
65 High Street,
Phone: 01628 666122
Email: caronmwallace@yahoo.co.uk

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3 Responses to Squirrels Health Food

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  2. Maria says:

    I need to order some natural instinct food beef flavour for my dog if I pay over the phone am I able to get my dad to collect it??? Thank you

  3. Marc burns says:

    Do you stock aroma Silk Line By Young Living I’m looking for the lavender or rosewood shamphoo range.

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